MT ELGON is one of the UNESCO designated biosphere reserves; since 2003. Mt. Elgon is shared between Kenya and Uganda. In Kenya, it is shared between Trans Nzoia and Bungoma Counties. The mountain covers a total of 366, 370 hectares. Mt. Elgon is the major water reservoir in the western part of Kenya. All the major rivers that drain into Lake Victoria have Mount Elgon as their main water tower.

Apart from being a water tower, Mt Elgon forest has many thriving indigenous tree species. Some notable ones include the Elgon teak and giant camphor among many others. On the part of fauna, the reserve has many animal species with notable ones including elephants, leopards, giant hogs, monkeys and antelopes.


The Friends of Mt. Elgon Forest is an initiative by the locals in the Mt Elgon region towards long term community engagement in the preservation and conservation of Mt Elgon Forest. This initiative was necessitated by the realization that climate change has begun affecting locals in a devastating way. The unpredictable rain seasons and recent droughts in Kenya all point to need to care for the environment if humanity is to be assured of sustenance. Therefore, friend of Mt. Elgon want to contribute to the fight against climate change through planting of trees in Mt Elgon forest but also contributing to sustainable conservation measures that are community driven.