Objective 1:

To create a mechanism for stakeholder (Community, government, private sector and civil society actors) consultations and engagement on Mt Elgon Reserve Conservation

  1. We will hold continuous quarterly consultation forums that bring together all stakeholders involved in the Mt Elgon reserve Conservation
  2. We will facilitate participation of locals in climate change and conservation forums
  3. We will facilitate round table meetings for all civil society groups dealing with climate change in Mt Elgon towards synergizing and having complementing approaches

Objective 2:

To sensitize community on climate change and importance of Mt Elgon Reserve Conservation

  1. Ride on local National Government administrators (sub chief) barazas, to sensitize locals on environmental issues
  2. Organize a sensitization meeting that brings together key stakeholders per sub location to discus conservation efforts and the role they can play

Objective 3:

To engage community in tree planting and other conservation activities in the Mt. Elgon Reserve

  1. Facilitate community to develop tree nurseries for eco-friendly tree species
  2. Every rainy season, we shall plan a tree planting day in the Mt Elgon Forest
  3. Facilitate local community to plant eco-friendly trees on their own farm (agro forestry)

Objective 4:

To provide community with alternative sources of energy thus reduce reliance on forest firewood and charcoal

  1. Facilitate access to solar products by the local community
  2. Facilitate access to eco-friendly cooking energy and jikos in the area

Objective 5:

To develop a framework through which Mt Elgon Reserve can contribute more to improvement in the livelihoods of the local population

  1. To do research on community practices when it comes to extraction of benefits from the Mt. Elgon Forest
  2. To identify wrong forest resource extraction patterns and possible solutions
  3. To organize a forum where different stakeholders can deliberate on best framework that allows for community to benefit from forest resources in a sustainable way