Our Objectives

Research over the years has shown that community participation in conservancy and management of forests has numerous benefits. The World Bank pointed out that community participation in forest management helps

To improve forest productivity, alleviate poverty, enhance environmental sustainability, and make rules governing forest access more enforceable. Introducing participatory management depends on government commitment; and it requires time and resources to develop consensus among stakeholders, establish new institutional arrangements, decentralize finance and administration, ensure appropriate rules and incentives for local involvement, and build organizational capacity at the local level.

Considering the foregoing, the main Goal of Friends of Mt Elgon Forest Reserve is to promote community participation in the conservation of the reserve and maximize value of the forest in the form of improved livelihoods by the locals.

Specific Objectives

  1. To create a mechanism for stakeholder (Community, government, private sector and civil society actors) consultations and engagement on Mt Elgon Reserve Conservation
  2. To sensitize community on climate change and importance of Mt Elgon Reserve Conservation
  3. To engage community in tree planting and other conservation activities in the Mt. Elgon Reserve
  4. To provide community with alternative sources of energy thus reduce reliance on forest firewood and charcoal
  5. To develop a framework through which Mt Elgon Reserve can contribute more to improvement in the livelihoods of the local population