Result Area 1

A mechanism for stakeholder (Community, government, private sector and civil society actors) consultations and engagement on Mt Elgon Reserve Conservation will be created

  1. Quarterly Review reports providing stakeholders with a joint action plan for Mt. Elgon Forest reserve Conservation. This will result in more harmonized approaches in forest conservation.
  2. Attain Community participation in climate change and conservation forums thus enhancing community voice in climate change and conservation matters. As a result, strategies and approaches that are responsive to local dynamics will be created towards conservation and mitigation efforts
  3. Facilitated round table meetings for all civil society groups dealing with climate change in Mt Elgon. This will create synergy in the work of CSOs and complementing of efforts rather than duplicity

Result Area 2:

Sensitized community on climate change and importance of Mt Elgon Reserve Conservation

  1. Increased knowledge and understanding of climate change issues among the locals
  2. Increase appreciation by locals of their importance as actors in climate change mitigation

Result Area 3:

Community engaged in tree planting and other conservation activities in the Mt. Elgon Reserve

  1. Community members will earn a livelihood through running tree nurseries for eco-friendly tree species
  2. Improved forest cover owing to a tree planting day in the Mt Elgon Forest. This will then lead to all other benefits or results associated with improved tree cover.
  3. Facilitated agro forestry will lead to farm forestry related benefits like farmers earning incomes from their trees, fruits improving health, farm forestry leading to less desire to go to the forest, and farm forestry improving farm standards

Result Area 4:

Community accessing alternative sources of energy thus reduces reliance on forest firewood and charcoal

  1. Solar products adopted for improved health, environment and savings
  2. Eco-friendly cooking energy and jikos adopted in the area for reduced carbon emissions, reduced reliance on wood hence lowering deforestation, better health among other benefits